2018 Year in Review


And just like that, 2018 is in the rearview mirror. I’m not sure quite how it happened so quickly, but we’re over here like, “wait, wasn’t it February yesterday?” No matter how fast it may have whizzed by, there’s no doubting that this year was a big one for TLT. With seventeen weddings and one 50th wedding anniversary celebration under our 2018 belts, we finished out our year with the fullest hearts, the most tired feet, many incredible memories amongst the team and with our wonderful couples, and so very much to be grateful for.

Weddings by Nato

Mikhail Glabets Photography

Molly Lo Photography

First Mate Photography

The 2018 season took us from our Boston roots all the way to Lancaster, PA, to the Berkshires, to Newport, RI, to Reading, VT, to Cape Cod (four times), to Portland, ME, back to Boston, and beyond. The number of miles we put on our cars was precisely the same number of times we counted our blessings and felt grateful to be able to create magic every day.

We owe our success this year to so many wonderful people. First, each of the couples who trusted us to work in tandem with them to design, plan, and execute the biggest day of their lives. They gave us reasons to belly laugh and to smile until our cheeks hurt, even when things were at peak busy-ness. The weeks when we weren’t sure which way was up, or how we might ever make it through our to-do-lists… it was our couples who pulled us through those moments. Each minute spent working on their behalf, each email sent with their names as the subject line, and each day shared with them reminded us how damn lucky we are to do this work every day. 

 Lindsay Hite Photography

Point blank, we simply couldn’t have done this year without our incredible colleagues and vendor teammates. We were lucky enough to work with some of the most talented, hardworking, talented, kind, – did we mention talented? – folks who worked their butts off for our couples to make each of their weddings a smashing success. We feel so very lucky to be able to partner with people who are doing some of the best work in the biz – vendors who are true teammates, partners, and friends.

First Mate Photography

And of course, 2018 would have been nothing without the TLT team – small but so, so mighty – who treated each wedding as if it were the first (even when we were crawling toward the finish line of our 10th wedding in 8 weeks!), who remained upbeat and positive through 16 hour days and double header wedding weekends, and who handled every curveball and unexpected popup with total poise and grace.

When the TLT Team thinks back on this season, we’ll remember:

  • Hundreds of miles trekked in heels
  • The 5lb bag of sour lips that lived in Alexis’ bag from our first wedding to our last (and were enjoyed during each and every one when we needed an energy boost)
  • 1am dance parties
  • Delirious laughing fits
  • (Too) many road salads
  • Testing the photo booth
  • Shared hotel beds
  • Mariel never having pockets, ever
  • Post-wedding team selfies
  • Whitney Houston
  • …and encouraging pats on the back.


Mikhail Glabets Photography

To our team of badass ladies – Mariel, Brenna, Emily, Kristina, Carly, Mary-Anne, Jesse: there are no words to express how hard you brought it this year. We owe 100% of our 2018 success to you.

Now let’s get into a little recap, shall we?


Courtney & Mike, Boston, MA – January 6

Millyard Studios

2018 began with a bang – quite literally – as Boston got slammed with one of the largest Nor’easters in city history. Days before our first wedding of the season, the city was dumped with snow and blessed with record low temps. Flights were delayed and canceled altogether – not a good recipe for folks traveling in from out of town for a wedding!

The bride’s mother, who lives in Florida and whose flight was cancelled due to the storm, decided that she was not going to let a tiny little Nor’easter keep her from getting to her daughter’s wedding. She hopped in her car and drove from Florida to Boston, traveling in tandem with the path of the storm, and arrived in Boston in time for the festivities to start. One of our favorite stories from 2018, hands down!  

Millyard Studios

Courtney and Mike share a sweet love that radiates out of them like sunbeams and it was a joy to watch them enjoy their special day with the people they love most.

With a jaw-dropping view of the Boston skyline at night, this beautiful (albeit chilly at -14 degrees) January wedding at the Museum of Science was a season opener we’ll never forget!


Jen & Tom, Lancaster, PA – May 5

We crawled out of our three month of off-season in May and hopped in the car to head to the land of sprawling farmland and shoofly pie. Clocking in as our furthest traveled event in 2018, Jenny and Tom’s wedding awarded us a week in Alexis’s hometown of Lancaster, PA, where we ushered in spring with an amazing couple and some cherished Accomando family time.

Alison Conklin Photography

We celebrated Jenny and Tom at the historic Drumore Estate. Situated on a hilltop in the Lancaster countryside, the brick Georgian mansion held 180 of their closest friends and family – who came, quite literally, from all corners of the globe – for a week of festivities that culminated in an unforgettable evening.

We’re talking a Best Man speech complete with a projector slideshow that had people howling with laugher, a cake made out of five different kinds of cheese, and a killer band – Jack Faulkner Orchestra – that kept the dance floor packed all night long. That’s a recipe for a great wedding, if you ask us! 

Jen and Tom are an absolutely wonderful couple whose opposite personalities compliment each other just perfectly. We worked with them to plan their wedding while Tom was still living in Africa and Jen had just moved back to the States to begin medical school. To say they had a lot going on in their lives while they were wedding planning would be the understatement of the year, and it was our absolute joy and pleasure to work with these two to bring their vision for their wedding to life!

Alison Conklin Photography


Beth & Bomin, Groton, MA – May 20

Mikhail Glabets Photography

Our second May wedding brought us to The Barn at Gibbet Hill, where we ushered in a very special day for two even more special women. We preach over and over that the design and details of a wedding day should feel personal, and there’s no doubt Beth and Bomin’s wedding was so very them.

With a show stopping pink (!) Hayley Paige dress, custom floral pocket squares, a Beyoncé processional, and cross-fit table names (yeah, they could deadlift us… and probably you, too), any person walking off the street into Beth and Bomin’s wedding would have known exactly what these two were all about.

And, as certified sweets aficionados, the pair ensured guests would not leave without being properly sugared up. Mouth-watering Tatte tarts and five pounds of sour Juju lips, anyone?

Beth and Bomin share a love that feels rare. We connected on all levels as we got to know them throughout the year+ we spent planning their wedding, but maybe most of all on our shared love for dogs and food. Regardless of the fact that they jetted off to St. Louis and Chicago  to begin Law School and Medical School immediately after their wedding (it was casual, don’t worry about it), we still think back on their wedding and miss chatting with them about the best coffee and food during our monthly’s!

Mikhail Glabets Photography


Leah & Jahna, The Berkshires – June 10

Next up: the Berkshires! Leah and Jahna brought their families and friends together in June in Lee, MA for an early summer celebration at the LakeHouse Inn. At this hidden gem bed and breakfast tucked in The Berkshires, guests enjoyed a beautiful lake view as they witnessed these two lovely ladies say “I Do.”

Henry and Mac

It was important to Leah and Jahna (who stayed at the Inn all weekend, along with their families and closest friends) that people flow through the day with ease. We dove into our setup as family members wrapped up their morning paddleboarding sessions and enjoyed warm scones on the porch.

The brides’ first look flowed naturally into their ketubah signing ceremony, where their closest loved ones gathered to witness their lifelong promise to each other.

After a traditional, lakeside ceremony and open air cocktail hour, guests were invited to find their seats under the beautiful sailcloth tent.

One by one, toasts were given and tears were shed. (We aren’t super proud of it.) The party started on the dance floor and went nonstop. It was one of the most impressive dance situations we’ve seen… and trust us, we’ve SEEN some dance situations!

Leah and Jahna are, simply put, radiant beams of sunshine. Cheerful, happy, warmhearted and gracious, they illuminated a small corner of the Berkshires on June 10th, and it was an absolute joy to be a part of it!

 Henry and Mac


Kristen & Jimmy, Harwich Port, MA – July 27

Coming off of almost two months of straight up planning mode, we were ready for our marathon summer stretch. Ten weddings in eight weeks? Bring it! With rested legs and Pedialyte in hand, we dove into our first double header of the season. Alexis + team hit the road for Cape Cod, where they celebrated  Kristen and Jimmy with a 275+ guest blowout at the beautiful Wychmere Beach Club.

Servidone Studios

Kristen and Jimmy are fun-loving, kind, hilarious, and extremely thoughtful. Meetings with these two found us laughing the entire time, and one time they even brought their adorable pup, Maui, to the studio for some planning time.

We’ve been known to say that when it comes to wedding parties, our couples tend to go big (with a huge one) or go home (with just one attendant or none), and in Kristen and Jimmy’s case, the former was certainly true. This rowdy bunch was a joy to work with from the start of the day straight to the end, and it was pretty cool to see their love and support for the couple as they started this new chapter.

After a traditional Catholic ceremony, guests arrived at Wychmere for a cocktail hour on the water and then shuffled inside for an evening filled with beautiful, personal details, tons of laughter, some pretty epic toasts, and a packed dance floor.

It was a special day for an absolutely awesome couple who we’ve come to adore, and we can’t wait to share more of this wedding when it comes to print very soon!


Eliza & Antonio, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA – July 28

While Alexis + half of the team were on the Cape for Kristen and Jimmy, the other half were in the North Shore running rehearsal and setup at our biggest outdoor production of the season. 

After making the last-minute call to forgo erecting the rain backup ceremony tent and keeping a close eye on the radar, we weren’t sure we’d be in the clear for a rain-free day. But good things happen to good people, and Eliza and Antonio are two of the best. Fortunately, the rain held off the entire day and guests enjoyed a beautiful evening, sans drizzles, taking in the breathtaking view of the Atlantic coastline for cocktail hour and settling under a dreamy sailcloth tent for a family style feast and major dance party.

Eliza and Antonio were an absolute joy to work with and we feel so lucky to have had the privilege to work with them to craft this wonderful celebration and to be alongside them as they made it official in a place that they, along with their families, hold so near and dear to their hearts! 


Gemma & Mark, Chatham, MA – August 10

Ain’t no rest for the wicked! After our first ever double-header weekend, we were excited (slash scared) to bring three weddings to life on one weekend for the first time. 5 weddings in 3 weeks? Why not!?

On August 10th, Alexis + team headed back to the Cape for Gemma and Mark’s big day, a beautiful and love-filled event at the Chatham Bars Inn.

Aubrey Greene Photography

Gemma and Mark were looking for a day that blended their taste for classic and traditional with modern elegance… and lots and lots of candlelight. We incorporated natural tones, soft pinks, gold accents and pops of blue throughout the design, to work things seamlessly into the beautiful beach setting.


On of our favorite design elements of this wedding is the custom table runner we had made for the head table. We surprised the bride by taking the excess lace from her dress after alterations and sewing it into the table runner. It was special!

The oceanfront ceremony site provided stunning views of the Atlantic for the ceremony, and after enjoying a seaside cocktail hour, complete with all of the New England “musts,” guests flowed into the dinner to enjoy an evening of great food and to throw down on the dance floor.

Gemma and Mark are truly (truly!) two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and it was such a joy to work very closely with them to put thoughtful care into each aspect of their wedding day. Once it finally arrived, their love for each other and for their friends and family, and their thoughtfulness and desire to create an evening that everyone would enjoy could be felt by every single one of their 200+ guests.

It was an absolutely wonderful day for an absolutely wonderful couple, and we’re pretty much ready to do it again next year, just so we can be guaranteed to have these two back in our lives on the daily!

Aubrey Greene Photography


Malena & Tony, Newport, RI – August 10

While Alexis and half the team were onsite in Chatham, Mariel and the rest of the team were in Newport, RI executing Malena and Tony’s stunning Belle Mer wedding. And what a joy it was to be to be a part of something so special for two of the loveliest people we’ve had the joy of knowing.

Molly Anne Photography

We worked with Malena and Tony to design a day that blended modern, sleek, elegant with ultra romantic and feminine elements that would also fit in with the classic Rhode Island/New England setting, but that was also ultra personal to them and their story. One of my favorite ways we achieved this was by putting the phrase “olive you” in subtle places throughout the wedding – the bride and groom are both big fans of olives, and when Tony told Malena he loved her for the first time, it was through a text with a gif of a dancing olive that said “olive you.” 

The ultra-talented bride designed all of the couple’s stationery herself (seriously!), and we used the invitations and save the dates she designed to set the tone for the rest of the design elements. The cocktail stirrers featured the same beautiful floral design as seen on the stationery, ceremony florals and lanterns were repurposed to create a one-of-a-kind sweetheart table setting.

And, perhaps most special of all of the personal details – the groomsmen rocked hot pink socks in honor of the groom’s mother’s fight with breast cancer.

Side note on that last one: the groom told the bride he was going to each of the groomsmen’s tux fittings to ensure they fit properly. Turns out he was really making sure the pants were hemmed extra short so the pink socks would surely be visible in photos. The found out about this during their first look, but didn’t care – it was the sentiment that was most important.  

Molly Anne Photography


Emily & Tim, Cambridge, MA – August 11

The very next day (that’s right – this would clock in our third wedding of the weekend), we rolled up to Loyal Nine in Cambridge to bring Emily and Tim into married life in epic fashion.

Lindsay Hite Photography 

Combining their love of great food, Miami vibes, and a killer dance party, our one restaurant wedding of the season was one for the books. Not only was it our only restaurant wedding of 2018, but it was also the only wedding we planned with the bride residing in a different country. Though she was in Spain on a Fulbright scholarship (no biggie), Emily was dedicated to the planning process and brought her enthusiasm and wit to every single virtual meeting. And Tim? Well, he was a great sport about it all, even when he and Alexis would arrive to meetings together and people would greet them as the bride and groom! 

Emily and Tim were also our first couple ever with the desire to prominently feature their cat, Clark Kent, throughout their wedding design. We commissioned Gus and Ruby Letterpress to draw him from a photo we provided, and from there, we brought him into the fold in a number of ways: in the stationery, the cocktail napkins, and the photo booth, to name a few. He had a signature cocktail named after him, too!

The celebration began with cocktail hour, and then we invited guests to turn their attention to the courtyard where Emily and Tim said their “I Do’s.” The entire evening felt intimate and personal — just as Emily and Tim dreamed it.

Working with these two was the a dream, and our only regret about the whole thing is that we couldn’t take part in their absolutely EPIC dance party!


Leah & Quentin, Boston, MA – August 18

The very next weekend we were back in Cambridge, rolling up to Harvard Art Museums to celebrate Leah and Quentin. 

Yaritza Colon Photography

These two are hilarious, spirited, and fun, and their wedding day was exactly that, plus so much more.

They incorporated bold, statement-making details — That dress! Those heels! That bouquet! – and took a super cool risk by holding the ceremony in the auditorium of the museum – the first couple ever to do so – and it turned out killer.

Their dance floor was packed all night long, and we even had to move dinner tables back to create more space. That’s how you know you’ve got the right crowd! 

Leah and Quentin were incredible to work with and they created the most special day to celebrate their love. We just wish we could teleport over to India to be with them as they celebrate with Leah’s whole, huge family at yet another wedding celebration, which is happening as we speak! 

Yaritza Colon Photography


Jessica & Jarrett, Reading, VT – August 25

On August 25th, Jessica and Jarrett got married. On August 24th, we drove to Reading, VT to spend the weekend at the gorgeous Reading Farms Estate making their dreams a reality. On August 23rd, we learned that their photographer had a medical emergency and was unable to work the wedding.

First Mate Photography

The most important part of this story is that the photographer ended up being ok. Unfortunately, though, in that moment, all we knew was that Jessica and Jarrett didn’t have anyone to capture this day that they had invested so much of their energy and so much of their time into planning.

Calling this couple two days before their wedding to let them know what had happened was the 2nd hardest phone call I’ve had make as a wedding planner. But I feel so fortunate that when I did make that call,  I was able to tell them I already had a plan.

Remember those talented, kind, hardworking vendors we mentioned before? Well, First Mate Photography sits at the tippy top of our 2018 list. Rebecca, photographer #2 of the husband-and-wife duo, agreed to drop everything, find a sitter for their kids, drive 2 hours to the Berkshires to drop them off, and then drive three+ hours to Vermont with less than 24 hours’ notice to fill in as Jessica and Jarrett’s photographer. And we may be biased, but don’t you think these photos are some kind of incredible?

Jessica and Jarrett are ethereal beings from another planet. Truly. Jessica is one of the most elegant, put together women we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Together, these two are kind, they are compassionate, they are true partners. And when this unexpected change of plans came up at the very last minute, they trusted us wholeheartedly with this last-minute change of plans, and accepted it with grace. 

It was an absolute honor to work with these two to bring their natural, beautiful, and quintessential Vermont wedding (with an elegant twist!) to life exactly as they had envisioned it – complete with a Ben & Jerry’s dessert cart – and we’re ready to do it all over again, like, tomorrow. But maybe this time without an emergency audible.

First Mate Photography


Hannah & Dima, Boston, MA – 9/2

We rang in September with a Labor Day weekend wedding at the Boston Public Library. We’d been working with Hannah and Dima for 12 months to craft a day infused with personal details and meaningful elements, while keeping a strong focus on the iconic BPL feel and city vibe. 

Mikhail Glabets Photography

We were in love with the color story we created for them, which featured a beige base (a la the library), terracotta tones, copper accents, dark blues, and and a bold pop of royal. It’s not every day our couples give us the freedom to create something without giving us any direction whatsoever, so when Hannah and Dima loved the color story too, we. were. pumped! 

We pulled the blues and copper through tablescapes and lounge seating; terracotta showed up in their table numbers (which were literal slabs of terracotta pots with calligraphy numbers) and their signage, among other places.

The pair has been together since middle school and when we got our hands on some excerpts from the groom’s old diary, we were thrilled. Obviously, we strategically placed said middle school diary passages throughout the space for guests’ to find and chuckle at throughout the evening.

Their escort display was one for the books – no pun intended – and included several subtle but very special elements. We filled the drawers of an antique bureau – which Alexis happened upon at a flea market in Worcester – with overflowing florals and greenery and with escort cards that doubled as favors. On the backside of each escort card was a quote from The Little Prince, a children’s book that held a lot of meaning for the bride. Elements of the display served as an homage to the bride’s late mother, who loved books and antique frames, and who used to read The Little Prince to the bride when she was young.

Mikhail Glabets Photography

Meticulous, kind, absolutely hilarious, and incredibly thoughtful are some of the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about Hannah and Dima. They’re very different from one another but balance each other out perfectly.

Each and every time we spent time with them, we walked away feeling lucky to have them as one of our couples, and their wedding day was no different. There we were, loading up a seriously heavy vintage bureau that had lived in Alexis’ house for months into the car at 1am after a 16 hour day running around the city to bring this day together, and the only thing we were feeling was lucky. Their spirit and it’s affect on us was that powerful.

Mikhail Glabets Photography


Katy & Jess, Provincetown, MA – September 8

Next, we traveled to the very tip of the Cape, where we spent a few days in Provincetown, MA to produce one of our most uniquely designed weddings of all time. Katy and Jess came to us with each of them having a very distinct – and very different – aesthetic and vision for their wedding. Our challenge was to combine Katy’s Art Deco meets New Year’s Eve glam meets vintage with Jess’ more modern, masculine, style with a little bohemian flare thrown in. Oh – and we’d have to blend these styles seamlessly throughout three separate spaces with three very distinct styles.

Challenge (happily) accepted.

Weddings by Nato

The ceremony took place at the PAAMa clean and modern feeling art museum. Guests were offered champagne as they entered, and then had some time to cruise through the space and admire the art. We used a mix of the museum’s existing pew-like seating structures and some modern, industrial feeling chairs to liven up the space. We adorned the aisle with silver sequins to let the couple know that there was a little more sparkle to come. At the altar, a modern copper arch adorned with moody florals sat atop a bohemian-style rug on which the couple stood. It was a beautiful amalgamation of styles, and it was just the start. 

After the ceremony, the wedding party hopped into pedicabs while the rest of the guests made their way through the streets of PTown to cocktail hour, which was held at Bas Relief Park – the first cocktail hour ever to be held there.

Across the street from cocktail hour, the Provincetown Town Hall was almost unrecognizable as a place where official government business and town hall meetings happen on the daily. Lush florals and silver disco balls hung from the chandelier that was situated overhead a black and white checkered dance floor. Just a touch of that same sequins guests saw lining the ceremony aisle was sprinkled at each guests place setting. We went for bold, lush, structured floral arrangements and, to bring the last final special touch into the space, we went absolutely HAM with the string lights. 

Katy and Jess are two very bright lights and working with them to bring their vision to life was one of the most rewarding experiences of the entire season. Oh, and there was also a velvet suit with a bolo tie involved, which Jess wore alongside Katy in a dress that we’ll let speak for itself. If you need us, we’ll be talking about these two until the end of time.

Weddings by Nato


Phoebe & Andrew, Wellfleet, MA – Setpember 15

The third weekend of September took us back to the Cape to the charming town of Wellfleet, MA to throw down for Phoebe and Andrew. And yes, if you’re keeping track, this sure was our 10th wedding in 8 weeks. Our tanks were empty, our feet were sore, but we were so beyond pumped about what we had in store for these two! 

First Mate Photography

Phoebe and Andrew’s wedding merged a wonderfully laid-back, casual vibe with quintessential Wellfleet-inspired design and lots of natural elements. They wanted it to feel elevated and beautiful, but unique to them.

You know the phase “Nothing worth having comes easy?” That can be applied to Phoebe and Andrew’s wedding in the absolute best way. The memorial garden adjacent to the Preservation Hall’s construction was finished just weeks prior to their wedding day and the town required permits and approval to hold the ceremony. After weeks of going back and forth with the town and when it didn’t seem like things were going to go our way, the mother of the bride drove to a Wellfleet town meeting to lobby on their behalf – where she testified for 45 minutes in front of a number of committees (this decision even had to be approved by the Shellfish committee. Hellooooo Wellfleet!) – and won.

Guests gathered on the freshly laid grass for an intimate standing ceremony, and then reveled in the rain-free cocktail hour on the lawn. Folks enjoyed a Wellfleet vs. Westport oyster bar and light, crisp refreshments before being invited to enjoy dinner al fresco under the stars. The entire day felt low key and filled with love – exactly what they were after.

To know Phoebe and Andrew is to know that they are thoughtful, they are meticulous, they are fiercely loyal to each other and to the people the care most about, and they are the very best blend of quirky and lighthearted yet serious and ambitious. Simply put, they are an absolute joy to be around, and we feel so lucky that we got to spend the year together with them dreaming up this wonderful celebration!

First Mate Photography


Emily & Ryan, Ipswich, MA – October 7

After a few much needed and highly coveted weekends off, we caught our breaths and headed to the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA to join Emily and Ryan in celebrating their big day.

Meredith Brockington Photography

To put it simply, Emily and Ryan are two of the best people you’ll ever meet. They’re incredibly considerate, kind, and funny to boot, these two are an absolute pleasure to be around – they’re the kind of people that you meet for the first time but after five minutes feel like you’ve been friends for years. (It might be because they share our appreciation for a really good donut and a killer charcuterie board, but still.)

Their day reflected their awesome personalities and included touches that made it so them:

  • Guests were greeted with glasses of lemonade, a tiny detail with a big meaning: the bride’s late mother’s only craving when she was pregnant with her was a tart lemonade.
  • To achieve the perfect ceremony entrance moment, the bride and her crew hiked (literally, hiked) through a preserve, kicking off their Bean Boots just moments before walking down the aisle.
  • A wall with delicious donuts from an iconic Maine bakery was presented after dinner (and was cleared within the hour).
  • They went with a small plates/heavy roving cocktail hour format for dinner service, to reflect the way they love to eat. Guests mingled and picked at different stations set up with composed plates around the room.


These two truly soaked in every moment of their wedding day (including the best “Shout” performance – by the guests – we’ve ever seen) and it was a treat to watch them be so present with each other and their loved ones throughout the evening. We think their smiles say it all, don’t you?

Meredith Brockington Photography


Madelaine &

Geoff, Portland, ME – October 13

For our second October wedding, we were with Madelaine and Geoff, who decided to celebrate up in Portland, ME at O’Maine Studios. They fell in love with the venue’s interesting, artsy vibe – and we did, too.

Wylde Photography 

One of Mariel’s favorite memories with Madelaine and Geoff is this: after we had our kickoff meeting with this sweet pair – where we chatted for hours over great cheese and even better wine – Alexis saw them out as Mariel started tidying up. Once Mariel thought the coast was clear, she turned to Alexis and announced with enthusiasm, “Oh my gosh, they are the SWEETEST humans!” Alexis shot Mariel a look as she watched Madelaine walk out of the bathroom and saunter down the hall, smiling and waving, having heard it, and then floated out the door. These two made honey look savory, they are just. that. sweet.

On their wedding day, Madelaine and Geoff incorporated memorable touches that encapsulated their personalities and their relationship. The groom, for example, casually fired up his pottery wheel and made the salad plates, which guests took home with them at the end of the evening. The couple, in German tradition, marked the beginning of their marriage with a log cutting challenge while guests cheered them on in a cozy, standing-room-only ceremony.  Yes, they brought the log and the two-person saw with up to Portland with them from Boston.

Mid-way through dancing the music shifted and they busted out crazy props for La Hora Loca – Spanish for “The Crazy Hour” – as guests let loose dancing to Latin-inspired tunes with glow lights, animal masks, and party hats of all sizes. One of Alexis’ favorite memories from this wedding was seeing Madelaine’s parents absolutely tearing up the dance floor. It was a sight to behold, and one that will not soon be forgotten! 

Wylde Photography


Mehgan & Ben, Boston, MA – November 17

We arrived at the finish line of our wedding season right back where we started: downtown Boston. Mehgan and Ben wanted their day to reflect their clean, minimal design sense while maintaining the iconic Boston feel that they know and love so much. But they also wanted it to have some personality! To know these two is to be incredibly lucky – they’re warm, inviting, and laid back, with incredible work ethics and an ability to get things done. They’re do-ers, and even with all of the do-ing that goes on in their lives, they stop and consider each other with each and every task. Their love is a wonderful one. 

Molly Lo Photography

They were married at St. Cecila’s in the Back Bay, and then headed to the newly renovated Artists for Humanity for the reception, which features clean lines and industrial details, a super modern feel, tons of natural light, and soaring ceilings. The proceeds from the venue’s events help provide art education for Boston’s underserved youth, and art created by these students decorates the walls. We had so much fun working with the space to bring this design vision to life.

Mehgan and Ben poured their love into every aspect of the day. The groom was on his hands and knees assembling this escort card shelf the day before his wedding. They made sure the guests’ bus ride from ceremony to reception was comfortable with baskets of blankets and stocked beverage coolers. Guests sang happy birthday to the bride’s grandmother who was turning 90 (NINETY!), as she blew out the candles on a special cake given to her by her newly married granddaughter. That’s what we call special.

After dinner, a cordials cart circulated the room while a luxury cotton candy cart spun glitter-dusted poufs for guests to get their sugar fix. Mehgan and Ben closed out the night singing on stage with the band and their bridal party – #goals – before everyone headed to the afterparty.

 We closed out our night and our incredible wedding season peeling off Mehgan and Ben’s dance floor decals, fully satisfied with the amount of boogying down we were lucky enough to witness in 2018.

Molly Lo Photography


Judy & Henry, Boston – December 29

Last, but certainly not least, we capped off our year with a very special 50th Anniversary event for Judy and Henry, a couple who came to us in January looking for us to create a weekend of celebration for their incredible milestone. Ironically, our “grand finale event” takes the cake for our smallest guest count of the year, at just 51 special, special guests.

The weekend kicked off with a warm Friday welcome dinner and a lovely Sunday farewell brunch at Judy and Henry’s home. Between the welcome and farewell events, guests gathered at the Hampshire House in the heart of Beacon Hill for an evening of good food, celebratory cocktails and, in their family’s tradition, performances, skits, and hilarious routines prepared by their guests, led by their three sons. 

There were original photos from their 1968 wedding, their son curated the perfect playlist that featured songs only from the late 60’s, and at the farewell brunch, Judy put on her o r i g i n a l wedding dress, which she had previously worn for the first (and last) time on December 28, 1968. 

As we do with all of our couples, we met with Judy and Henry each month and really got to know them. It’s always meaningful when couples share their time with us – time is truly our scarcest resource – but there’s something so incredibly special about time spent with two people who share decades-old stories and sweet memories of the life they’ve chosen to spend together. We can’t think of a better way to close out an incredible year of getting couples down the aisle than to celebrate a couple on the other side of the aisle, looking back on a wonderful fifty years together.

It’s insanely difficult to sum up our year with just a few highlights from each magical wedding. 2018 was was so, so, (so!) good to us. We poured every single ounce of ourselves into this year, and seeing the hard yards we put in come to fruition just as we imagined it week after week for our couples was a feeling unlike any other.

To our kind, genuine, down to earth, fun-loving couples who poured their trust into us, to the incredible vendors and creative partners we had the pleasure of working with, and to the rockstars that make up the TLT team: thank you, thank you, thank you. You challenge us. You keep us inspired. You make us laugh. You make the insane journey that is being a wedding planner one that’s enjoyable day in and day out.

Though 2018 will certainly be tough to beat, we’re looking ahead to some pretty exciting things ahead! We’re stoked to be working on some really awesome weddings in some cool places and for some incredible couples. It’s sure to be a season filled with unforgettable memories. Bring it on, 2019!

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