Mood Board of the Month – February ’19

“Girls like you deserve a love that always feels like summer.” Well, if this quote doesn’t perfectly sum us up in one little line, I’m not sure what does. Here at TLT we’re summer loving babes who are lucky enough to get to celebrate love through our work on a daily basis. For us, it’s fun to see everyone else join in on the fun each February!

May we strongly suggest that this Valentines day/Galentines day/Palentines day – whatever you’re celebrating – doing it less in the hallmark chocolate hearts/shiny heart balloons/a dozen red roses on one single day kind of way and more in a grab-someone-you-love (no matter what form that love may take!) and get some bomb ass cocktails in a light-filled, airy space while dreaming of summer and treating yourself to little things that make you feel special – like your favorite flowers – all month long kind of way? Because girls like you deserve a love that always feels like summer, whether that love is coming from your best friend, your partner, your spouse, your dog, or you. Ya dig? xo

Model: Karina Twiss via Inspiration Grid   |   Summer cocktail: Cherry Bombe via Tory Burch  |  Flowers: Love n Fresh Flowers  |  Interior: Trendland via Pinterest  |  Quote: Overtaxing

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