Mood Board of the Month – January ’19

All signs point to this January being one for the books. We’ll begin our wedding season on the 2nd Saturday in January, throwing a destination affair with one of our incredible couples for 50 lucky guests in Hawaii, on the North Shore of Oahu. From there, I’m heading west on a solo jaunt to Australia for two weeks.

The trip is in part a celebration of a wonderful, extremely busy, challenging, and successful 2018 season, in part an opportunity to relax, unplug, and refresh after a number of years of running like a hamster in a wheel, and mostly to be able to get some space from life for a little bit and grab the opportunity to dream, scheme, and put plans in place for the next years ahead.

There’s nowhere I feel more relaxed and more myself than when I’m near or in the water, and I’m really looking forward to brushing off a pretty gnarly end of 2018 and getting my head right for the upcoming year under a big dose of Australian Vitamin D. When I purchased this plane ticket on a whim a few months ago, I had no idea how badly I’d need this trip. Now that it’s just one week away, I’m so incredibly grateful I decided to make this trip a priority that day.

The mood board below reflects how I’m expecting to feel while I’m on this Hawaii-to-Australia-to-San Diego (where I’m stopping to visit my brother for a few days on the way home) jaunt: lots of warm sun, plenty of beach time, a slice of adventure, salty hair, bronzed skin, and a fresh attitude.

2019, I’ve been waiting for you. Here we go! xo

Surfer  |  Sunglasses  |  Beach Towel  |  Tree Swing via The Every GirlSurfboard

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