Mood Board of the Month – November ’18

This month’s mood board feels extra special to us. Not only is it the MBM for November, but we’re using it as the inspiration for our TLT Client Party this year, too — with this board setting a strong foundation, we’ll aim to create an evening of meaningful connection and joyful celebration. Inspired by Scandinavian design and the ever-popular concept of hygge (a word that has no direct translation to English, but  the word “cozy” comes close), this mood board communicates the following:


  • Coziness and little pleasures
  • Savoring simple moments
  • Feeling of contentment and well-being
  • Slow living
  • Reflecting, relaxing, breathing
  • Connecting over shared meals
  • Softness and warmth


Hygge is slowing down and being intentional. It’s celebrating the present moment by being present in the moment. It’s appreciating the simple pleasures, like a warm mug of tea and a crackling fireplace. The focus is on creating purposeful experiences and spending time with people who bring us joy. You know that feeling when the most special people in your life are all together in one place? When all feels right and your heart is warm and you wish you could bottle up the emotion and have a little bit of it every day? It happens at holiday dinners, birthday celebrations, reunions, and especially – you guessed it – weddings. This mood board captures that feeling.

Nordic design is characterized by natural elements, simple decor, and honest style. Modern architecture is balanced with warm textures and wooden details. With the focus on experiences over material goods, homes are filled with functional items that are consciously crafted and beautiful in their simplicity. It’s simple, but significant. xo

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