#TLTMantras, Number Seven

Eckhart Tolle said it best: “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you.”

We spend so much of our time reaching. You know? Reaching for things outside of ourselves. Searching. Yearning. Longing. Grasping for things that make us feel temporarily happy, successful, in control, worthy, fulfilled, fill-in-the-blank. On any given day we are on the pursuit for something external to satisfy us internally. We see this in many forms: those adorable heels you convince yourself you absolutely need, a word of praise from your boss, validation that comes with surpassing X amount of likes on your Instagram photo, a new house or car or job, etc. Not only is it easy to fall victim to this cycle but many of us actually exist in this state the majority of our lives.

This begs the question: What are you searching for? And more importantly, why are you looking for it when you already have it?

This month’s #TLTmantra reminds us that everything we long for is actually inside of us. The magical life you wish you had? It won’t be achieved with shoes or a house or a perfectly curated social feed. Rather, you need to reach deep inside and pull out all those gems you know you have to create the life you want. You are single-handedly responsible for creating your own happiness. And what’s more, you are more than deserving to have it.


The more often we live in this state of mind, the easier it becomes to accept it as reality. And once it becomes your reality, something crazy happens: your life starts to become exactly what you want it to be. Each day you’re put in a position to craft a life that makes you grateful to be alive. No one and nothing except you has that power.

This month, we have a challenge for you: when you find yourself reaching, pause. Turn inward. Search there, instead.

What do you find?


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