#TLTLoves, November Edition

Happy November, friends! It’s officially the season of Closet Reaching. Do you know what that is? It’s okay if not. We just created it. Closet Reaching season is characterized by our reaching into the backs of our closets, wading through the months of winter clothes gone unworn, dusting the cobwebs off, and bringing them to the front. It’s time. Time for the puffy jackets, the thicker scarves, the wool mittens and fur-lined boots.

Despite the tragically short days and bitter cold air (we love being ready for bed at 4pm, it’s fine, everything’s fine), the seasonal transition can actually be quite wonderful. We tend to take for granted the beautiful contrast November brings to New England. The chilly temperatures and dark evenings are somehow made more bearable by cozying up with soft blankets, glowing candlelight, and warm foods.

This month’s mood board embodies this gentle contrast. And here, in the corresponding TLTloves compilation, you’ll see tangible items that were inspired by the feel we get from the mood board. To help understand the connection between our monthly #MBMs and the #TLTloves, we like to take a step further and create a story about the TLT woman behind them. To start, we ask ourselves what kind of woman would wear/buy/choose/own the items. From there, we build a life for her.

  • This woman values simplicity and intention.
  • She appreciates the gentle transition from warmer to colder months, taking time to slow down and cozy up.
  • She finds joy in simple activities: a phone call with an old friend, a neighborhood stroll admiring the changing leaves, sipping a hot mug of tea as it warms her palms. (see #5)
  • She’s a true host and loves providing homemade meals for friends and family. She cooks from scratch and always – always – crafts an enviable charcuterie board. (see #1)
  • She lives conscientiously and purposefully. Rather than storing her farmers’ market veggies in plastic containers, you’ll find her broccoli and avocados in reusable cotton bags. (see #6)
  • She dresses in high quality textiles and shops local, weaving a tale of genuine values, sustainable consumption and respect for nature wherever she goes. (see #2)


What’s your favorite item from this month’s TLTloves? We’ve got our eyes on that chunky knit blanket… xo.


Cutting board  |  Wool scarf  |  Champagne coupe  |  Wooden utensils  |  Ceramic mug  |  Reusable vegetable bags  |  Triangle earrings  |  Chunky knit blanket

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