#TLTLoves – October Edition

As always, this month’s TLTloves features items and objects carefully chosen to reflect the feel of the September mood board, and this month’s mood board gives us all the feels of a lady who has a never-ending love affair with hygge and a warm, cozy, Sunday spent resting up for the week ahead and treating herself to some self care.

She’s someone who relishes precious morning hours and steals quiet, slow weekend moments whenever she can. Her Sundays are holy in that they are wholly her own: she wakes without an alarm and leans in to her extended morning. A new day’s sun bathes her room in soft light and an obligation-less day stretches out before her, inviting her to gently, leisurely, calmly wrap herself up in it.

She surrounds her sanctuary space with items that bring her peace and serenity: a diffuser for essential oils, a good book to curl up with, body lotion, a sleep mask. On weekends, she draws her duvet up around her face and sinks deeper into her mattress, because these extra moments are sacred. She holds on to them tightly and trusts they, too, will wrap themselves around her, recharging her for the week ahead. When she finally does rise, she floats to the kitchen and — slowly, deliberately, as if it were an art form — makes herself a warm mug of coffee.

Can you picture a morning like this? Do you prefer slow weekend mornings, or do you like to get a jump start to your day? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear.


Long cardigan  |  Duvet  |  Ceramic oil diffuser  |  The Little Book of Hygge  |  Shea butter cream  |  Faux fur sleep mask  |  Chemex  |  Wool dryer balls

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