Mood Board of the Month – October ’18

One of the best parts about creating a mood board each month is that we never know what the finished product will look like until the moment the pieces fall together. Inspiration is a tricky little devil: it comes from everywhere, and also from nowhere; it changes from moment to moment (so just when you think it’s here to stay, it vanishes without so much as a flippant wave); it insists you follow one path only to pivot and order you down the trail opposite… promising better, more exciting, more fruitful rewards.

Inspiration is fascinating, amusing, delightful, captivating, and maddening all at the same time.

It means that sitting down to create a mood board today, in this current moment, could yield a very different end result than sitting down to create it three days from now. In that time, we will have seen three more days of the world, thought through three more days of our lives, and experienced three more days’ worth of moments full of inspirational opportunity. But rather than attempt to wrangle our lawless inspiration, we’ve learned to let it sit in the driver’s seat. That’s where it prefers to be. No, that’s where it demands to be. And when it’s steering the ship… that’s where the magic happens.

All of this is to say: it’s difficult to pinpoint where this month’s inspiration came from, but we have a few ideas. It may be the fact that we enjoyed two weeks off after a marathon of a summer, where we helped make magic for 13 incredible couples. It may also be that, when we crawled out from from the boulder that was wedding season — which is now more of a medium sized stone — it was suddenly October. Basically, we blinked and four months went by!

So excuse us while we spend our Sundays snoozing our alarms indefinitely, rolling out of bed only to grab our coffee, move to the couch, and cue up the football game. We’ll be soaking up autumn’s soft morning light and crisper days, and appreciating the slower moments we so often take for granted when we’re in the thick of it. We hope you are too, friends. xo

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