#TLTLoves – August Edition

Happy August, friends!

Question: what has you feeling inspired lately? Do you find it difficult to call up inspiration in your day-to-day, or does it come easily to you?

One of the things we love most about our monthly mood boards and #TLTloves boards is that they keep us in constant search of inspiration and beautiful things — a space we love to be! Our August mood board inspired this month’s #TLTloves collection: we were drawn to items that feel contemporary, modern, and pure, but comfortable, stylish, and fun. A strong monochromatic thread ties the pieces together, while different textures provide the interesting visual twist we love to incorporate in otherwise-homogenous designs. We certainly do not adhere to one specific style here at TLT, but one thing is for sure: we love a good, clean, all-white-everything design. But we believe strongly that — as beautiful and refreshing as a white-forward design concept is, including contrasting elements and visually interesting textures keep things from being too “safe.”

These items paint a picture of life lived inside clean, white spaces… but that’s not the whole story. For example, the woman who sets her white IKEA dinner table with the modern flatware in image #2 is the same woman pulls on the lace jumpsuit in image #6 and heads out for some weekend antiquing. Here, in this story, modern design is warmed up with bohemian elements, clean lines are rounded out by feminine frills, and fresh natural light floods the senses, inspiring – quite literally – a bright, light-filled life.

What is your design style? Tell us in the comments below! xo

Throw pillows  |  Flatware  |  Cosmetic bag  |  Chocolates  |  White chair  |  Jumpsuit







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