Mood Board of the Month – August ’18

All white everything… it’s a lifestyle we could really get behind.

To us, this mood board feels clean and modern (see those floor-to-ceiling-windows? see that white manicure? see the perfectly sharp edges on those sugar cubes?) with a distinct bohemian edge (see that lace sleeve? see those tan feet and rolled up jeans on that relaxed and fun floor?) and is softened by big, fluffy blooms – the easiest way to and add a touch of femininity to a clean, modern space or event.

It also speaks to a couple things we find ourselves saying a lot when we talk to couples about designing with such a monochromatic stance: creating visual interest is totally possible, but two things are key: texture, texture, texture (texture!), and incorporating contrasting elements to enable items to stick out from one another even though they’re the same color (think: a flowing grey textured linen table runner on a cement dinner table).

The point is: you don’t have to have a theme or stick to one specific “style” to design an event that’s interesting and visually appealing, and this becomes even more important when color is removed as an option to convey your design stance! This mood board displays three pretty distinct styles, and when bringing it to life, we’d be sure to incorporate all three. Because doing what you want to do, regardless of what you’re *supposed* to do – that’s where the magic happens. xo

White flowers  |  Ooh La La  |  White cityscape  |  Sugar cubes  |  Nails

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