Word Up Wednesday

I’m starting a little weekly ritual here on the blog called Word Up Wednesday, and I’m prettttty excited about it! Words in some form or another- quotes, lyrics, poems, what have you- have always moved me, and I often rely on certain ones to help motivate me, energize me, or get me over the hump of a disappointment.

I have lots of good ones in my stash, so if you find yourself needing a little extra boost and it’s either a Wednesday or you’re familiar with the search function (and my Grandma has an iPhone and uses it to text me so you have no excuse), pop on over to check out what we’ve got cooking!

First up- this guy:

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 7.52.38 PM

This quote speaks for itself, and though I won’t go into specifics, it’s practically become my mantra. The bottom line is this: whatever you’re pursuing, no matter how big or how small, go after that ish, and don’t leave room for anyone to say “I told you so”.

Happy hump day!



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