Word Up Wednesday- 2013 Boston Marathon Reflections

Yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, a day those of us who are lucky enough to call this city home will never, ever forget. It was an absolutely surreal day and following few weeks, and then slowly, this city and its people began picking up the pieces, keeping the victims we lost and the survivors who were gravely injured at the forefront of our minds. One year later, we still grieve with the families and friends of those who were killed, and we are inspired by the survivors, who are working tirelessly to adjust to their post-4/15/13 lives. The strength they’ve shown in the face of incomprehensible tragedy has allowed Boston to march forward, to come back swinging. They’ve lifted us up; their resilience is steadfast, their courage unwavering.


This quote is one of my very favorites to reflect on during times of adversity, and it is a true reflection of the darkness this city has felt and the strength it has shown this year. These survivors- their courage, their determination- have led our healing. They’ve shown us that in the face of unfathomable tragedy, determination prevails; in the midst of winter, an invincible summer lies within us.

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