#TLTLoves – February ’21

Exciting news, y’all: just like our long hibernating Mood Board of the Month made it’s grand re-debut onto the blog this month, our once thriving but currently defunct #TLTLoves series is coming right along with it!

The two go hand in hand: we feature our #TLTLoves alongside our #MBM each month to show how we take our Mood Boards – meant to evoke a certain feeling, but not necessarily to be taken literally – and make real, tangible decisions on physical pieces and decor to bring a vision to life based on how the mood board makes us feel. And throw in some really pretty pieces along with links for purchase (below) so you can enjoy them if you love them as much as we do, too!

Our February Mood Board of the Month evoked big energy around night out on the town, maybe in Paris, maybe in New York – elegant, energetic, luxurious, romantic, and mayyybe a little blurry at the end. Just the kind night we’re longing for after spending a year inside, mostly in clothing with elastic waistbands.

If we’ve learned anything, though, it’s that with a little imagination and just a couple special touches, any evening can feel special – regardless of whether you’re enjoying it in a swanky restaurant, or in your living room. So go on – take some inspiration from us, order a couple treats for yourself, and have yourself a night, regardless of whether that’s out on the town, or in your living room. xo

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