Mood Board of the Month – February ’21

First things first: it’s been a while, we know. HOWEVER, regardless of whether 9 months have or have not passed since the last time this blog saw some action, we’re thrilled to be pumping some life back into it with our OG (and still very favorite) series, Mood Board of the Month!

This month’s mood board feeds our souls in a way a mood board hasn’t done in a while. Bright lights, big city. The anticipation of a fun evening on the town, possibly (fine, probably) including a smiley, loose walk home after one too many glasses of champagne. Or maybe a dirty martini. Fine… both.

It’s inviting and enveloping, but most of all, it feels energetic. It exudes the type of energy and anticipation we haven’t been able to experience for a long, long time. And when we do get the chance for a big night out on the town again, we can only hope it will feel just like this. xo


Eiffel towerOuiSkylineFur coatInterior

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