#TLTLoves, December Edition

This month’s TLTloves inspiration comes from the streets of Paris. With its intimate cafes, romantic native tongue, charming cobblestone streets and breathtaking architecture, it’s not hard to see why they call it the city of love.

We chose items that, together, blend the city’s traditional masculine design and ubiquitous soft femininity with the chic, polished taste of modern Parisian women. The structured, masculine elements from this month’s mood board are pulled in with a black and white collared shirt and marble bistro accent table. Both feel traditional and sophisticated – reminiscent of Paris architecture. The bulk of the items lean ultra feminine. The blush cowhide booties feature a delicate fringe detail and the gold bangle would be a classy accent to any look. You may even find the tinted lip moisturizer and ribbon-adorned eau de parfum in the purse of any woman walking down Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The woman in this month’s TLTloves knows and appreciates high fashion. She believes that every day is an opportunity to look amazing, and she loves using her creativity and sense of style to make that happen. Favoring upscale luxury goods, she trends toward pieces with steeper price tags to ensure high quality materials and longevity. This lady has definitely read a Vogue or two in her lifetime.

Seriously though… can we talk about those booties? Mon amour!

Booties  |  Collared shirt  |  Lip tint  |  Gold bangle  |  Side table  |  Perfume

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