Mood Board of the Month – December ’18

Drawing on Parisian women as inspiration, we created this month’s mood board with the intention of painting a picture of a classic day in the city of love. With its romantic language, iconic art and history, and elegant architecture, Paris embodies beauty in its truest form.

French culture focuses on romantic and subtle but intentional details: a delicate ascot with fringed edges, a lipstick-stain cafe napkin, and timelessly chic suede booties with gilded, glamorous button accents, for example. The soft pink and cream tones of the images in the board communicate the effeminate style the city is known for.

French architecture is known for its unique, distinct character – represented here in the iconic wrought iron balconies, a traditional and masculine design element which is juxtaposed by a more feminine pastel pink building. Classic Parisian touches come through even in the tiniest of details such as street signs and stationery, where mixed font styles blend feminine script with a traditional serif block text.

Beauty is around every corner in Paris. The city promises love… and it delivers on that promise. Have you ever been to Paris? Are you a fan of the city’s romantic sense of style and design? xoSuede booties  |  Lipstick stain  |  Pink building  |   Neck scarf  |  Text  |  Art

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