#TLTLoves – April Edition

We take our name very seriously.

Here at The Little Things, we’re in the business of appreciating, well… the little things. Our precise, thorough attention to detail in our work has made us masters at paying attention to the little things around us on the daily. After all, it’s those little things that add up to the big things, right? This month, our #TLTloves honor a few of those little appreciations:

  • Comfortable work chairs that not only feel good but also look good (we spend a lot of time in this office, and being in an aesthetically pleasing workspace is important to our productivity).
  • Treating ourselves to a half dozen donuts at our fav place. (To read more about just how important donuts are to this little business, head here).
  • The budding flowers in spring that promise a beautiful summer ahead.
  • A fresh paint color that makes us happy and inspired.


What little things do you appreciate on the daily? We would love to hear! xo

Donuts | Pantone Swatches |  Gardening Book and Flower Seeds | Dining Chairs | Kicks

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