Mood Board Monday #24 – Scandinavian Wedding Inspiration

You know what feels good? Purging your stuff. I mean really going for it. With two shoots this week plus a boat load of other to-dos for our 8 upcoming weddings (!) on the horizon, I decided that yesterday would be a good day to clean out my closets (normal). And once I got going, I couldn’t stop. If you know me, you’ll know I was worrying about how much time I was spending purging stuff instead of working the entire time it was happening – and it took a while – but I was thorough and thoughtful about what I was donating or selling and what I was keeping. With each item, I asked myself when/how I use it, and whether I truly needed it to be here, taking up space. I was pretty astounded at the amount of stuff I kept to use I dunno.. maybe once a year? Which would be totally fine if I had a garage or some type of storage in my studio apartment other than one closet unit that holds my clothing/coats/cleaning supplies/luggage/beach chair/tennis rackets/charcoal/xmas decorations (you catch my drift). What I found was that, though it didn’t make much of a difference in my immediate environment, which I keep relatively clutter-free, knowing the things hiding behind my closet doors were gone felt totally freeing. And after getting rid of so much stuff I didn’t need, I felt more focused and like I got more done in the shorter amount of time I did spend working.

So, naturally I felt like sharing some Scandinavian inspiration with you today. Many folks think of Scandinavian design as minimal. I disagree with that. To me, Scandinavian design is intentional (I hate to even use that word, because let’s be honest… it’s being thrown around a bit liberally in the event design world lately)- well thought out, with details being added when they contribute to the functionality of the design. It’s streamlined, focused, and clean. Just like our closets, and our lives, should be.

And just for good measure, here are a few of my favorite design blogs dedicated to clean, intentional design. Enjoy! xo

wedding planner new england

Interior: This blog via Pinterest  //  Gown: Vera Wang via Mod Wedding  //  French press: Yield Design Co via Remodelista   //  Plating: Araceli Paz via Pinterest  //  Fireplace: Wit and Delight via Bloglovin


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