Mood Board Monday # 23 – Water Wedding Inspiration

You guys! I did something crazy on Saturday: I got in my car, googled “close public beach with parking,” and ended up on the beach in Rhode Island, lying on a beach towel and listening to the sound of waves lapping while I relaxed. In the middle of wedding season. With 8 weddings to go. I know. I know!

But here’s what happened: I rocked Sunday. I had a full day of meetings (on Skype and by phone and in-person, oh my!) on a beautiful summer day, and I was focused and not distracted by my longing to be outside doing fun things. And trust me when I say that when I work through both Saturday and Sunday, there’s a lot of that longing. A lot. And it’s hard.

The beach I found in “Lil Rhody,” as the locals call it, was classic New England- covered in large, smooth, beautiful rocks, miles of beautiful coastline, and the occasional sailboat cruising by. It was awesome. And then I left and got a lobster roll and took myself to pick blueberries. So just your basic perfect personal day. xo

Wedding planner boston

Stunning bridal gown: Emily Riggs Bridal (photography: Corbin Gurkin Photography)  //  Fabric: Silk and Willow  //  Water: via Tumblr  //  Silverware: The Lane via Pinterest  //  Watercolor ceramics: Pam & Gela via Pinterest

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