Introducing Cristin!

You guys! I’m seriously excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Cristin! Cristin contacted us a little while ago to get the scoop on what it’s like to do business in this crazy (awesome) industry. We grabbed coffee and got to chatting and the rest is history. Cristin has already proved to be an awesome addition to the team, helping us out onsite at a recent styled shoot where she helped us with everything from some heavy lifting, to making sure the dogs running the beach didn’t eat the cake, to delivering the sad news that no we weren’t, in fact, putting on an awesome yard sale (actually  happened, more than once).

Prior to making her way to the Best Coast (you heard me right!), Cristin grew up on the Left Coast and attended Cal State, Long Beach. There, she sharpened her skills in a program for aspiring event planners, and even took the helm at planning a large and wildly successful non-profit event.  Pop down below for even more info on this lovely lady!

Boston Wedding Planner 2

Q: You’re a California girl living in Boston. What do you miss most about your home state? I miss beachside farmer’s markets and the constant beautiful weather.  (Word).

Q: What do you love most about New England? I love the history. Everything has a story, just like every person has a story. That’s a piece of event planning that I really love- helping someone or some people tell their stories.

Q: What attracted you to the weddings and events industry? My first taste of the industry was in college, planning mid sized non-profit events. I fell in love with every aspect of the process- from conception, to research, to logistics, to set up. Since the, I’ve found I really love helping people plan for their “big day”- being that go-to person to smooth out the process and relieve the stress that often comes with planning. (Full disclosure- it doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us know if you want some help in that area).

Q: You’re in the process of planning your wedding. Have you learned anything that you could offer up to others who are currently planning? Don’t sweat the small stuff. There will inevitably be stressful moments, but some of them are just not worth the stress or even your time. Leave the small things and focus on what really matters. (See why we love her!?). 

…and finally, some favorites:

  • Place you’ve visited: Zion National Park. I plan to go back and hike “Angel’s Landing”- definitely worth Googling. (Lucky for you, we already have, and.. wow). 
  • Hobby: Trying new restaurants. 
  • Restaurant dish: Cacio e Pepe from La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly NYC.
  • TV show: Currently loving House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Homeland.

Last but definitely not least (in my book anyway), Cristin loves to cook at home and create her own recipes. Though she’s a vegetarian, the girl can cook a mean steak. How’s that for well rounded?


Boston Wedding planner

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