Blue Trailer Launch Party

You guys! I promised my web designer that I would blog once a week when we did the site redesign… whoops! Here’s to blogging more often from here on out.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of Blue Trailer, which is an awesome new company that provides on-site storage for runners and their belongings at road races and the like. Molly, the owner, wanted to put on a laid-back celebration that showed her family, friends, and colleagues how much their support has meant to her for the past year as she’s been developing her business. We saddled up at Lincoln Tavern in South Boston to celebrate with food, cupcakes, and plenty of beverages (courtesy of Fabrizia Limoncello and Sam Adams), and set up a fun photo booth situation for guests to grab a photo with their words of encouragement for Blue Trailer.

We had a blast working with Molly to put this celebration together, and we wish Blue Trailer all the best as they debut this weekend at the Black Cat Road Race in Salem, MA!

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