#TLTLoves – April ’21

Last week we posted our April Mood Board of the Month, inspired by one of our favorite household accessories, and it left us longing for a day spent in the mountains. A day spent on skis, or perhaps on snowshoes, with plenty of big, deep breaths of that clean, crisp air – the kind that only comes after a beautiful snow. The kind where silence prevails except for the occasional sounds of nature – an acorn falling and hitting a branch on the way down, a lone bird calling out to see if any friends are around, a stream trickling through the forest. The kind that leaves you exhilarated and refreshed, but tired enough that building a fire in the cabin and cozying up under a warm blanket with a cocktail is about all you’ll be able to muster up the energy to do that night.

Each month, we feature our #TLTLoves alongside our Mood Board of the Month to show how we take our Mood Boards – meant to evoke a certain feeling, but not necessarily to be taken literally – and make real, tangible decisions on physical pieces and decor to bring a vision to life based on how the mood board makes us feel. We throw in some really pretty pieces along with links for purchase (below), so you can enjoy them if you love them as much as we do, too.

We envision each of these selections as being an important piece of our picture perfect day in the snowy woods. Do you, too? xo


(1) chiminea  |  (2) wool beanie  |  (3) campfire cocktail  |  (4) candle  |  (5) firewood carrier  |  (6)  winter blanket  |  (7) maple syrup  |  (8) snowshoes

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