#TLTLoves – August ’19

Not sure how we’ve hit mid-August, y’all, but we’re coming at you with some warm, fun, and lively #TLTLoves this month regardless!

We feature our #TLTLoves alongside our #MBM each month to show how we take our Mood Boards – meant to evoke a certain feeling, but not necessarily to be taken literally – and make real, tangible decisions on physical pieces and decor to bring a vision to life based on how the mood board makes us feel. And throw in some really pretty pieces along with links for purchase so you can enjoy them if you love them as much as we do, too!

Take a peek at our August MBM here and our corresponding #TLTLoves picks here, and let us know which is your favorite! Around here, Nicole is loving the Sea Mist coconut and sea salt hair mist, Maddie is loving that sunny turkish towel, and Alexis is ready to pour herself a chilled glass of her favorite summer wine and pop a Bob Marley vinyl onto that purple record player. Because if that’s not the epitome of warm, sunny, summer vibes… we don’t know what is. xo


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