#TLTLoves – July Edition

It’s officially the dog days of summer up here in New England, and the heat is on. The #TLTstudiodog isn’t the only one searching for some relief from the sweltering heat.

But with the sizzling July heat comes other (more delightful) summer bounties: long afternoons on the beach breathing in the cool ocean breeze, a chilled glass of rosé enjoyed al fresco, an excuse to ditch work for a couple hours and hit the beach (because it’s just too hot to be anywhere else), bleached hair and sun-kissed skin, and golden sunlight that stretches from the afternoon long into the evening.

As with all of our #TLTloves compilations, the items shown here align with this month’s mood board, which, if you haven’t seen yet, you may want to check out — but only if you feel like taking a biiiiiig breath of fresh air and melting into relaxation mode. The mood board serves as a hefty dose of inspiration, while our corresponding #TLTloves collection shows how we take that inspiration and use it as a guide to select tangible items that go right along with it — similar to the process of designing weddings!

To us, July’s mood board begs our imagination to dream about a golden, laid back day on the beach. A quick scan takes our minds right to the coast: settling into a sun-warmed towel after a long shoreline walk, and pulling a book out of its tote bag home for a few chapters; soaking up all the rays on our faces — which have SPF on them! — in style, with a cheeky large-brimmed sun hat; breaking from our temporary headquarters in the sand to paddle out and catch the perfect wave, riding it into shore… and when the day nears its close, slipping into comfy slides, packing up our perfect day, and transitioning from sand to socializing in a heartbeat.

How do you enjoy a relaxing day at the beach? Let us know! xo

 Sun hat  |  Beach blanket  |  Macrame bag   |  Sunscreen  |  Earrings  |  Slides









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