#TLTMantras, Number Two

Elizabeth Gilbert is a household name around here at TLT. Most know her as the author of the bestselling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love; but her second book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, is entirely different from the former, and is a huge source of inspiration for us. You know when you read something and the hair on your arms stands up because it hits you right where it matters? Yeah, that happens with pretty much every page in Big Magic.

Gilbert argues that humans are inherently creative beings. She writes about the importance of “keeping your eyes open,” of remaining constantly curious, always aware, and openly observant. And she’s right. We get many of our creative ideas for couples when we’re out of the office, not even thinking about our work. Living a creative life, for us, often boils down to simply engaging in the world around us. Recognizing when we’re being sent nuggets of inspiration. Taking those nuggets, planting them, and allowing them to blossom into great ideas.

The more open we are to receiving inspiration, the more often we receive it.

Stay curious, friends! xo

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