#TLTLoves – February Edition


Last week we shared our February Mood Board of the Month, and this week we’re taking that Mood Board and showing you how we translate that vision into a curated list of tangible items relating right back to that Mood Board. Formerly known as “The Shiz“, this collection of things we love will affectionately be called… well… #TLTloves. (We’ve never claimed to be master wordsmiths.)

Much like watching the Birds take a Super Bowl W (!!!), February makes us very happy. This year we’re vowing to approach the month of love from a slightly different angle: almost all of our #TLTloves connect back to showing yourself some serious affection. Self love is a super trend right now — and one that we’re more than willing to get behind.

Self love doesn’t have to be extreme acts of grandeur; there are dozens of tiny but powerful ways to show yourself a little tenderness. Draw a bath and drop in a bath bomb, splurge on moisturizer that’ll make your skin glow, or — and we swear by this one — flowers for you, from you. (Swing by Trader Joe’s on your way home and grab a $5 bouquet of your favorites. Put them on your kitchen table. Walk into the room, take a deep breath, and smile. Rinse and repeat, knowing you are responsible for the grin on your face.)

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Yeah, we think so, too.

Yes, it is the month of love — soak up the Valentine’s Day vibes! Eat all the chocolates from your S.O.! Leave a conversation heart for the cute stranger at the gym! — but do remember that there is no rule saying that love must come from someone else. Do something special for yourself this month. This week. Today.

Not only are you capable of showing yourself lots of love, you are wholly deserving and worthy of every single drop! xo

Print | Rose bath bomb | Dip-dyed silk bag | All-natural face cream | Lace chemise | Antique crystal salt & pepper shakers | Macarons (photo via Passion for Baking Blog)

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