Mood Board Monday 17 – Persian Wedding Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! I hope the weekend was wonderful whether you were celebrating Easter, Passover, Sizdah Bedar, or simply, Spring!

I celebrated Easter on Sunday, but am lucky enough to have a strong Persian influence in my life, so on Friday, I celebrated Sizdah Bedar. Sizdah Bedar occurs on the last day of Nowrouz, or Perisan New Year. Traditionally, Sizdah Bedar is a day for families and friends to come together outdoors for celebration with food, music, and dancing. At the end of the day, the families take the grass (sabzeh) from their Haft Seen, which has been growing and symbolically collecting all the bad luck and sickness in the household for the previous 12 days, and release it into a body of water. Doing so is said to purify the bad luck and sickness and bring good fortune in the coming year.

Though we couldn’t spend the entire day celebrating, we did head outside in the evening to release the grass. We said some wishes for the new year (to ourselves, of course – sharing them is bad luck!), and set our grass off to swim in the Charles River. Though simple, it’s a tradition I’ve come to love, and it always comes right as we’re getting the first peek at warmth/sunshine/longer days here in the Northeast, which always feels so renewing.

I’ve been feeling quite inspired by this beautiful culture lately, and this mood board represents just that. I hope you love it. Now- here’s hoping those wishes come true! xo

wedding planner cape cod

Jewelry: Alexander McQueen via StyleBistro  //  Rosebuds: The Beauty Gypsy via Pinterest  //  Platters: The Gifts of Life via Tumblr  //  Architecture: TravelPod via Pinterest



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  1. Vicki Burton says:

    Well done, Alexis. Kudos to you for striving to achieve your dream & goals.

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