The Shiz: September

I put this post together a few weeks ago and planned to pop it up right as September began, but then we had a streak of the hottest sequential weather days we’ve had all summer, and suddenly my fall-themed September picks seemed premature. In no way am I complaining- while I love many things about Fall (especially here in New England), I’d be perfectly fine with Summer lasting 7 months, Spring and Fall each getting 2 months, and Winter hitting hard for one month, which would be the perfect excuse to hit the slopes every day for those 30 days with little guilt (from me) or judgement (by others). I picture it going something like this: (me) “Yes, so maybe I’ve been acting like work doesn’t exist so I can fly down the mountain every day, but who cares? Winter’s only here for 30 days, gotta soak it up while it lasts!” (others) “I totally feel you. Can I come too?”

In true New England fashion, we jumped from 90 down to 50 degrees last week, and suddenly this post seemed relevant again. While I’m still grappling for every last ounce of Summer (and I’ll wear sandals until the first frost), the crisp chill in the air and football on Sundays has me thinking about apple picking, pumpkin muffins (and lattes, pie, beer…), and cooking something low and slow on the stove.

Here are a some picks for this transitional month- enjoy!

September picks


1. Vest, 2. Booties, 3. Bracelet, 4. Scarf, 5. Tote, 6. Wine Set, 7. Favorite Fall Candle 

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