Mikahil Glabets Photography
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Ryan and Arianna were married on a perfect day on the coast of Maine in mid-July. This couple wanted to find a venue where the majority of their guests could stay onsite so that instead of a few hours worth of celebration, they’d be able to celebrate with their friends and families for days. And celebrate they certainly did! It was an incredible weekend for this couple that was filled with laughter, live music, dancing, and shenanigans… which are pretty much their favorite things!

Design-wise, Ari and Ryan were looking to keep things classic with a modern, colorful twist, and wanted to incorporate some nautical touches but not have nautical take over as the theme of the day. We kept most of the decor relatively neutral and brought in bright, bold florals (complete with fresh blueberry branch, because, Maine) to infuse color into the day, and used striped napkins, lanterns, and sailor’s rope to bring in a nautical touch.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with some seriously beautiful views of the coast of Maine before heading into the tent for a beautiful dinner, hilarious and heartfelt toasts, and a three hour long dance party that included (but was not limited to): guests taking lead on vocals with the band, a tradition that had everyone doing pushups and taking swigs from a bottle of Greek liquor, a singalong that could be heard miles away, and more sweat than I’ve ever seen on a dance floor. These people partied HARD. I’ve never wanted to be a guest at one of our weddings more. It was epic!




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